XDK LIVE is a programming language that is focused on making Internet-Of-Things things easier to program, especially for developers without embedded development background. Its language design and feature-set are meant to make anyone coming from a world of Javascript, Typescript, Java, Swift or Go feel right at home. Compared to C you do not have to care about allocating memory, strings behave naturally, as do arrays. Featuring powerful abstractions and a model-driven system configuration approach we can often tell at compile time if something will not work. At the core of XDK LIVE is a platform model which describes what resources (think connectivity, sensors or low-level hardware interfaces) you have to work with.

All XDK LIVE code compiles to C code. This is a very powerful feature. It allows developers to inspect the generated code, learn from it and when they hit that inevitable glass ceiling continue where they left off, but in C. Further, once you leave the prototyping phase or feel that you need more control over your system, you can always fall back to the C level and go from there.